Tomboy, 2011 
Writer/Director : Celine Sciamma 

"I think what happens in childhood is very striking and leaves strong impressions. You still remember the scents, the flavors, the emotions you had at that time. Nothing passes, everything remains, the shames and the pleasures. But the movie stays open on whether this is a phase or the beginning of a radical journey toward identity for the character. It was a choice from the start to make the movie very open on the problematic, so that everyone can relate. It’s a way to be political to make the film welcoming for a wide audience. I made it with several layers, so that a transsexual person can say “that was my childhood” and so that an heterosexual woman can also say it. The movie creates bond. That’s something I’m proud of." - Celine Sciamma on "Tomboy"

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"You see, we can feed the stomach with concentrates, we can supply microfilm for reading, recreation, even movies of a sort. We can pump oxygen in and waste material out, but there’s one thing we can’t simulate that’s a very basic need. Man’s hunger for companionship. The barrier of loneliness. That’s one thing we haven’t licked yet."
- The Twilight Zone
Episode 1 : Where is Everybody?

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The Icebook
Artists : Davy and Kristen McGuire

The Icebook is the world’s first projection mapped pop-up book, a theatrical installation depicting a silent fable through a combination of paper pop-ups, projection mapping and music. By day, each of the 11 pages is no more than a few feet tall featuring intricately hand-cut blank pop-ups, but when the lights go out and a projection is beamed onto the book’s pages, the paper comes to life as if by magic and a dark, atmospheric story unfolds about a man on a journey through the wilderness. The result is an intimate, 15 min visual experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts, designed for an audience of no more than 12 people.

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"Letʼs just talk about fear. Fear, after all, is our real enemy. Fear is taking over our world. Fear is being used as a tool of manipulation in our society. Itʼs how politicians peddle policy and how Madison Avenue sells us things that we donʼt need. Think about it. Fear that weʼre going to be attacked, fear that there are communists lurking around every corner, fear that some little Caribbean country that doesnʼt believe in our way of life poses a threat to us. Fear that black culture may take over the world. Fear of Elvis Presleyʼs hips. Well, maybe that one is a real fear. Fear that our bad breath might ruin our friendships… Fear of growing old and being alone. Fear that weʼre useless and that no one cares what we have to say."
- A Single Man, 2009
Director / Screenplay : Tom Ford
Novel Author : Christopher Isherwood

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